Pre-purchase questions
Which pump I need to empty or fill a cistern or a tank?
I must draw water from a well
How can I use rainwater to irrigate the garden?
I need more pressure for irrigate the garden
What pump can I use to irrigate my garden?
Can I use the rainwater to save on my water bill?
Can I water my garden for free?
Which pump can I use in a pit?
What is the purpose of the electrical control panel?
Water circulation in a swimming pool
Is there a way to keep the pool cover clean and dry?
I have a semi-underground / basement garage, which pumps can I use?
I would like to install a bathroom in the tavern
I want to add a bathroom in a floor under the street level
Which pump can I use to prevent the flooding in the garage / basement / cellar?
How can I prevent the flooding of the tavern?
How can I prevent the flooding of the garage?
What does it mean this word?
It is better to use a borehole pump or a submersible pump?
What is the difference between on / off pumps and pumps with inverter?
What does H07RN-F stand for?
Can I install a second bathroom in the tavern?
Can I install a second bathroom without having the classic 110 mm pipe?
Can I install a bathroom below the sewage level?
Replace the circulator of the heating / cooling system
Water circulation in underfloor heating systems
I would like to have hot water always available
Is it possible to command and control a pump from remote?
Water circulation in solar systems
Can I have hot water available when I take a shower in less time?
What circulator can I use for my solar thermal panels system (solar collectors)?
I have a system with thermal solar panels ...
I have a floor heating system, which product can I choose?
I have a radiator heating system equipped with thermostatic valves, which product can I choose?
I must replace my old circulator, which model can I choose?
How can I choose the right circulator for my system? Can I take the biggest for preventing any problem?
I often hear about magnetic dirt separators ...
I have insufficient water pressure at home, what can I do?
How do I choose a domestic pressurization pump?
Can I increase the water pressure at home / on the top floors of my building?
Can I increase the water pressure in my house / apartment?
The shower has little pressure, what can I do?
I have an old circulator, an old macerator, an old submersible pump, an old centrifugal pump.